2 in 1 set trial

2 IN 1 TRIAL SET MAL06070899K (Herbal Soap)
MAL06081032K (Herbal Cream)

Natasya 2 in 1 Trial Set contains Herbal Soap and Cream helps to prevent from pigmentations, pimples and blemishes without peeling. It also helps whiten the skin.
Apply herbal soap all over face for 2 – 3 times daily. Apply small amount of Herbal Cream lightly to cover all face while it is a bit wet (recommend to use Facial Toner before apply Herbal Cream). Only for night usage.

Harga Pasaran : RM 39.90 (WM) RM 42.00 (EM)

Harga Kami : RM 35.00 (WM) RM 38.00 (EM)

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